The World City Card Sport Federation (WCSF) is a non-profit international organization founded by TGSA, dedicated to promoting Texas Hold'em as a recognized intellectual sport. WCSF believes that by enhancing the professionalism and public awareness of Texas Hold'em, it can foster cultural exchanges and community development globally.

Globally, Texas Hold’em is not just a game; it is a display of strategy, skill, and intellect. Guided by this spirit, the World Card Sport Federation (WCSF) was officially established in March 2023, marking the onset of a new era. As a non-profit international organization, WCSF is committed to elevating Texas Hold’em, a game cherished by hundreds of millions worldwide, to the status of a recognized intellectual sport.

The foundation of WCSF is based on a core belief: Texas Hold’em far exceeds the realm of traditional entertainment. It is a battle of wits and psychology that requires players to possess deep strategic thinking and superb skills. In the post-pandemic world, people yearn for deeper and more connected social interactions, and Texas Hold’em, as a highly social and competitively fair game, meets this need.

Asia, a rapidly emerging board game market, has particularly witnessed the flourishing development of Texas Hold’em. Legal Texas Hold’em events have attracted tens of thousands of players and viewers, not only boosting the local economy but also providing more opportunities for international exchanges for local communities. WCSF recognizes this potential and is dedicated to promoting the globalization and professionalization of Texas Hold’em through policy advocacy, event organization, and training provision.

Moreover, WCSF focuses not only on the intensity of the competitions but also on sportsmanship and fair play. The charm of Texas Hold’em lies in the fact that anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, has the opportunity to showcase their intellect at the green table. WCSF is committed to creating a healthy, inclusive sports environment, allowing more people to enjoy the fun and challenges brought by Texas Hold’em.

With the efforts of WCSF and support from various parties, we believe that Texas Hold’em will not only thrive in Asia but also have a brighter future worldwide. From casual players to professional competitors, from small community events to international championships, WCSF will work with all enthusiasts to push this sport, blending intelligence, courage, and competitive spirit, to new heights.