About Us

The founding story of WCSF (World Card Sport Federation) stems from a profound love for intellectual sports and a deep understanding of the game of Texas Hold’em. We recognize that poker is not just a form of entertainment; it is a competitive activity rich in strategy and profound thinking. This belief in a profound understanding of poker has driven us to elevate it to a global competitive sport, placing it on par with traditional intellectual sports such as chess.

Brand Mission

Under the guidance of WCSF, our aim is not only to bring joy to poker enthusiasts but also to transform this passion into a global competitive activity. Our goal is to change the public’s stereotypical perception of poker, clearly distinguishing it from gambling and emphasizing the importance of intelligence and strategy in this sport. For us, each poker game is not just a skill competition but also a test of wisdom and strategy.


WCSF is dedicated to creating a global competitive platform, allowing poker enthusiasts from around the world to participate in international competitions, showcase their skills, and demonstrate their intelligence and strategy to the fullest. Our goal is to enhance the positive image of city-branded card sports, earning international respect and recognition, thereby showcasing the true value of this sport.


The story of WCSF is not just about the development of a sport; it is a tale of passion, intelligence, and shared pursuit. We firmly believe that intellectual sports can inspire individuals to discover their potential, strive for excellence, and ultimately change their lives. This is the brand story of WCSF, a narrative of perseverance and passion. We look forward to your participation, joining hands to create a brilliant future for city-branded card sports together.

In 2023, WCSF officially became a member country of IFMP in Thailand